Recent research shows, employees don’t take other jobs for money, but rather for reasons like “it’s too stressful” or “nobody listens to me”. Everyone says, “You have to provide your employees an open, empathetic and appreciative environment.” So how do you do this?

  • Step out of your ego and work in the spirit of enabling their success.
  • Respect those who don’t fit into your company and offer new stories, reasons and ideas
  • Walk the talk! Immerse yourself in exploring new ideas.

What do these have to do with keeping employees satisfied and working for you?

Your staff wants an environment that offers respect, engagement and inclusion. But, these buzzwords get thrown around a lot these days. How can you be authentic in your actions? Let’s go back to the case of your valued employee who has been poached by another firm.

Whenever an employee leaves, the first inclination is to offer them more money to stay. The problem is if they take the money, you’ll always question their loyalty. And, if you counter their higher salary offer, and they still leave just imagine how the new company will look at him or her as potentially someone that could leave them as well.  Everyone loses.

So don’t compete on price; compete on providing employees with the same kind of value and experience just as you would with customers.

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