Imagine reversing obesity, one person at a time? How one business has done so through 21st century thinking!

Imagine reversing obesity, one person at a time? How one business has done so through 21st century thinking!

Every week we are told that 30% of Americans are obese, regardless of the billions we spend on dieting, exercise, medicines and all forms of psychotherapy. The insurance costs and societal consequences of obesity cost our economy trillions of dollars. With a 90% recidivism rate of those who have lost over 25 pounds, what is the answer?

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, who operates his own gastric sleeve bariatric surgery center located a mile over the Mexican border southwest of San Antonio, has built a growing 7-figure operation based on 21st century business thinking.

Understanding the need for an alternative to costly American surgery (health insurance rarely covers bariatric surgery) Dr. Alvarez has specialized in the gastric sleeve procedure that he has performed some 7000 times. By not working out of a hospital, yet providing internationally recognized excellence, he has overcome significant patient skepticism of Mexican medical tourism by providing overwhelming proof of the benefits of his business and medical methodology. How has he done this?

– On his website, he has combined overwhelming medical evidence with flashy branding to overcome skeptics by creating an attractive and safe alternative to US surgeons.

– By providing door-to-door service originating from the San Antonio airport, he overcomes logistical concerns for patients traveling from anywhere in the world.

– In charging a single flat fee, Alvarez performs the surgery for a fraction of the typical cost of domestic hospitals.

– To counter the objection of lack of local patient follow-up or preparatory testing, he has mastered the use of Internet, social marketing and telephone-based care. His American-based nurse provides real time and personalized attention.

– His Facebook page is followed by thousands of his patients who provide references, support and advice to those interested in or recently having the procedure.

– As a caring physician, Dr. Alvarez personally performs each surgery and meets with his patients several times throughout their two–day stays at his clinic.

– He has earned cult–like adulation from his patients that he has successfully leveraged through highly effective YouTube videos, books and excellent publicity.

If your business is facing commodity pricing, powerful competition and extreme customer skepticism, take a cue from Dr. Alvarez. His 21st century thinking, marketing and outstanding commitment to service proves anything is possible. How do I know this? Because I have been through the process with Dr. Alvarez.

(photo courtesy of Dr. Alvarez.)
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