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In the hit TV series, survivors of a worldwide plague prevail by staying one step ahead of infected zombies who feed off the living. The “living” outsmart their fallen brethren or fall victim to the walking dead.

In the 20th century, smaller companies survived by scampering around large corporations with their “walking dead” bureaucracies and decision-making. Private business thrived by offering excellent customer service, responding to emerging customer needs, and customizing solutions big companies couldn’t deliver. But not so much in the 21st century. Larger companies aren’t the zombies they used to be. As they adopt social marketing, provide better job opportunities for Millennials and invest heavily in technology, smaller companies are learning new ways to stay one step ahead.

Think about your future as a private business. How are you going to elude your zombies so as to not join the “Walking Dead?” What changes must you make to your technology, workplace environment and customer care to reach the outcomes necessary for success?

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Photo  Credit: Zombie! Daniel Hollister Flickr (CC BY 2.0)