Remember the transporter room in Star Trek?

While every other fantasy of Gene Roddenberry has become reality, we call still imagine going back in time to correct a mistake or go forward to look into the future.

Who wouldn’t snap up such a machine in a heartbeat?

But, there really is no need; you’ve had a transporter room all your life. It’s called your mindset!

Your thinking can stay focused on your 20th century success, lamenting over why things aren’t the way the used to be or curious about 21st century successful businesses. You can continue to implement “safe” industry best practices or lead forward and embrace how your customers are buying products and services in the 21st Century. Finally, you can ignore the changing workforce and their priorities or train yourself and your team to be more strategic.

On Thursday, June 11th at 2:00pm EST, you are invited to join my webinar, “Exploring the 21st Century Mindset”.

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As an owner and leader of your business, you face relentless changes to your business planning. Are you finding that 20th Century, traditional business thinking and historical perspectives are becoming less helpful to predict the 21st Century, seize emerging opportunities and counter new threats?

You will gain insight into how to think with a 21st Century Mindset and begin to apply this new approach to improve your business.

Webinar Objectives:

1. Compare and Contrast 20th and 21st Century Business

2. Describe the 21st Century Mindset

3. Explore the Importance of a 21st Century Mindset to Your Business

You will leave more empowered to refocus your business mind and your firm on creating 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth. And, your results will transport you forward into the 21st Century.

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Photo Credit: Right Brain by Allan Ajifo Flickr (CC BY 2.0)