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Let’s paraphrase the immortal words of motivational speaker Matt Foley (aka Chris Farley) in his timeless skit on Saturday Night Live. He puts a brave face on his personal misery by coaching younger people to succeed in the future. Quickly, it becomes terribly evident that in fact he is the one with the problem.

Look at Radio Shack. For decades, RadioShack brought the next “must-have”, “ripped from the headlines” gadget to Main Street where we could buy it at a reasonable price. Sadly, Radio Shack was outsmarted by emerging technology, distribution and customer behavior. As the 21st Century took off it turned out, the company had too generic a product line, no compelling online presence, and little appeal to the next generation.

Fewer and fewer motivational speakers make a good living these days. Like Radio Shack, they are not as attractive to the Millennials who turn to their own sources of inspiration.

So what will it be? “A shack down by the river” or a “Priceless Mansion on the Riviera” so you can attract your new customers and employees and create sustainable, profitable growth.

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Photo Credit: Ted Eytan Shuttered Radio Shack Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)