Joe, a friend and client, told how he and his sister convinced their little brother to hold his pencil in his right hand. Decades later, his sibling is still right-handed, yet remains a lefty when it comes to sports and chores.

What makes us cling to certain mindsets while changing others?

If you’re like most business owners, you may remember the days before the great recession of 2008 as a time when you understood what it took to lead your business to increased growth and wealth. Now, the world feels like it turned upside down. And the road is less clear.

The truth is, the changes we’re experiencing now started in the late 20th Century and have come to the fore in the last five years. Businesses that have adapted to and adopted the profound changes are the ones that are not only surviving but are outperforming their competitors. They are led by business owners able to create sustained growth and protect their hard-earned wealth. Here’s how click here.

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Photo Credit: Alan Levine Flickr (CC BY 2.0)