After living at least five years in six different cities, people ask, “Andy, where are you from?” I didn’t have a good answer. There’s been so much to like (and some things to dislike) everywhere I have called home.  So I waffled and said I didn’t know.

Business decisions often come down to picking amongst several good or several bad options. In dealing with 21st-century business decisions, it’s clear there are plenty of opportunities, threats and completely new choices to make. We analyze these, discuss these and seek opinions from experts. And we ask ourselves, “What does my gut say? Well, here’s another biological approach to take when business thinking, analysis and judgment are exhausted.

  • Do you get goosebumps when considering a new direction? Does the mere mention or sighting of a choice give you a physical reaction of exuberance?
  • Do you get shivers? Does just a thought of making a unknown choice send a cold chill up your spine?

Well, in full disclosure, I’ve lived in New York, New Jersey, Istanbul, Boston, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, each for five or more years. I get the biggest goosebumps when I go back to New York City. Conversely I don’t shiver when I think of any one of these places. So while I have loved many things about each of the places I’ve lived in, clearly, I remember the good in all of them. Where is the worst place I’ve ever lived? Fortunately, no one has ever asked me!

So, when you have to make your next business choice, choose the one that gives you goosebumps or doesn’t give you shivers.

Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)