As a business owner you have so many assets and resources at your fingertips to create profitable growth, but your most important resource is your brain. Just like you are the chief executive of your firm, your executive functions of your brain need to align with your executive company functions necessary to create profitable growth. Why? Because profitable growth happens when you are thinking strategically. You are constantly thinking about your firm and how to can guide it forward beyond the next month or quarter.

How often do you get to focus your attention on the very things that create profitable growth?

The key is to make time to align your working memory and attention on the big picture. Here are some insights I have gained by watching successful business owners.

  • They act as a GPS for their business, regardless of distractions.
  • They understand that few if any of their staffs will drive strategic thinking; it is really the job of the owner.
  • They provide consistent vision regardless of daily distractions.
  • And they make the time to think, reflect and learn, regardless of what they already think they know.

In sum, successful businesses creating profitable growth are the product of what their owners are thinking.

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Photo Credit: Tim THINK Flickr (CC BY 2.0)