The recession was tough on all of us.

Sure, your business survived. But are you still suffering from the hell it put you through?

Did you have to lay off your people? Find a new bank? Or even lend more money to your company?

Signs Past Stinkin’ Thinking Affects Your Business

If you did, it’s not surprising that these painful memories still impact your business thinking.

Given the new environment of slow, apparent economic growth, it’s highly unlikely the past will predict the future. How can you tell if the impact of the great recession is driving your current behavior? Here are some signs, you:

  • Still focus on cost reduction over innovation.
  • Believe all new employees must pay for themselves almost immediately.
  • Look for and adopt proven “best practices” within your industry.
  • Hold onto and serve every customer at any cost.
  • See every choice you make in terms of its risk rather than its reward.

Just imagine how good it will feel to let go of the recession demons of the past and see your future with fresh eyes!

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Photo Credit: Amy McTigue Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)