It was a typical hot midsummer day. Bob and Tom were arriving at their college alma mater for their 25th class reunion. Bob was anxious and nervous. He hoped this weekend was a good idea. He needed to find an investor, someone to partner with or out-right buy his family firm. Tom was excited about connecting with classmates he hadn’t seen in years and receiving the honorary doctorate from the business school.

In so many ways, Bob and Tom are very much alike. They graduated in the middle of their class and took over their family’s established and growing businesses shortly after graduation.

Bob had squeezed every inefficiency out of his operation. Cut staff and cut prices to dominate the core market his father had helped create. But, it wasn’t enough. Bob hasn’t had a double-digit growth year in over a decade. And, a few negative growth years. He hopes to save his company, but first must ensure his family’s financial future.

Twelve years ago, Tom saw his core market changing and heading into decline. Tom reengineered his products and opened new very profitable emerging markets. He knew he had the best executive team an owner could ask for and with their growing cash situation; Tom spent his time finding new growth opportunities.

What’s the difference?

Owners of financially valuable and highly admired firms understand that creation of wealth comes from seizing and converting future opportunities into positive cash flow. This accomplishment comes from the synthesis of their business curiosity, original thinking, courageous leadership, and mastery of risk and return.

How can your private or family businesses take control and predetermine its future?

Run your business, as if owned by private investors. You don’t need a desire to sell your firm. Just understand the objectivity private equity uses to invest in profitable firms with an innovation and middle to long-term growth mindset and the value that mindset brings to your firm.

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What will you learn from this webinar?

1. Understand the private equity mindset and their evaluation of risk vs. reward
2. Understand the value of this mindset and how it applies to your 21st century growth
3. How to implement a private equity strategy and keep control of your firm

When: Tuesday July 14th at 2:00pm EDT

Over the years, I have made the statement “Grow or Be Sold” with extreme reactions, both positive and negative. Since the Great Recession, research has strengthened the statement “Grow or Be Sold”. Please join me on July 14th at 2:00pm EDT to find out how firms are taking advantage of 21st Century profitable growth opportunities.


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Photo Credit: Flickr (CC BY 2.0)