Private Opportunities for Business Owners and Their Peers.

Do you need an ideal opportunity to differentiate your practice or help your peers by providing an engaging learning experience? How can you provide 21st Century thinking to help create sustainable, profitable growth?

Would you like to host a private event where your clients and peers:

•Gain new thinking they can apply to their businesses.
•Interact with their peers
•See you as provider of new thought leadership
•Gain new respect for you as a center of influence
•Will want to reflect with you on what they learned

What’s in it for you as a host? You are seen as a business growth leader and connector for clients, colleagues and peers. It’s a great learning and networking opportunity too. And your attendees walk away with some tangible business growth strategies that will always remind them of you.

What does it mean to host? You provide or secure a location for us to meet. You invite your business owner colleagues, their executive teams and/or clients. Some hosts provide a light snack or refreshments.

Here are more details on hosting my 21st Century Sustainable, Profitable Growth Briefing. To host this unique opportunity:

•You invite and host 10-15 business owners on a convenient date for this 90-minute briefing.
•I facilitate a unique, hands-on, peer-to peer experience with an overview of the four fields for sustainable profitable growth. It’s not a lecture but a participation. It’s not a sales pitch but a learning experience.
•You network with and provide great value to clients.
•We encourage their participation.
•You get their gratitude.

Why this topic now? The world has changed and the 21st Century demands a new sustainable profitable growth strategy.

My recent work has identified four ways business owners can grow their results and thereby their wealth. The 4 Fields of 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth are critical to the success of any private business owner. See attached for more details.

I’d love to work with you and your clients or peers regarding a customized briefing.

Contact me and let’s discuss next steps at your convenience.