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Turning 20th Century Businesses into 21st Century Successes by Making Family and Private Businesses Bulletproof and Disruptive to Their Competition

“I engaged Andy Birol to build an affordable, practical growth plan to grow my captive insurance business into an independent, going concern producing high profitability and sustained growth. Succeeding within three months required Andy to grasp and resolve a series of difficult sales channel, target market, organizational and operational issues all within my constraints of how I prefer to run my businesses. Together we created a strategy and implementation plan that I am confidentially investing in and leading for success, which is already showing results.”
Jeffrey J. Morella, Esquire, Morella & Associates, Attorneys at Law
“We hired Andy Birol to help increase Pease & Associates’ marketing activities. As a result of his assessment of our firm and interviews with our clients, Andy helped us to become focused on growth more than ever. Through working with him, I became convinced to restructure my organization, reinforce my infrastructure and drive my staff to meet higher expectations. Most importantly, Andy helped us to recognize our personal objectives and strengths and create a working environment designed to maximize growth. I am more enthusiastic about Pease and Associates than ever.”
Joe Pease, President, Pease & Associates
“We hired Andy Birol to help us transfer our company into a leader in our chosen niche of waste management and recycling industry, as well as to help prepare our organization and family for eventual transition. This is a heavy task, and Andy is leading us in a positive evolution of change, new energy, and a proactive spirit within our management team. Andy’ style of tough but fair “Love” focuses on success of the firm for the benefit of me as the owner and the fulfillment of our objectives. I strongly recommend Andy to any business owner who is serious about running, fixing, growing and preparing for their future.”
Bob Eldredge, CEO, Eldredge Companies
” Andy saw so much potential in flexible packaging that he advised the family to split it into a separate entity that could be run out of the Jamestown office and lab space. It made sense. Andy showed us the market requires a more focused approach and a different strategy from what we were doing before.”
Michael Walton, CEO , Jamestown Coatings