I’m here to talk to you as a business owner about adopting an 8-Figure Mindset and how to achieve 8-Figure Profitable Growth. That is take your business to $10 million in profitable, sustainable revenue or, if you’re already there to put another $10 million on top of it.

You may be asking yourself, “What’s my business destiny? Am I able to do this?”

Well, maybe you’ve been distracted, maybe you have some questions. If, in fact you get somewhat confused, distracted or are in the weeds running your business and don’t have the time to ‘work on your business’, I’m going to ask you to think about a very simple concept.

What is your and your company’s Best and Highest Use®?

What are you:

  • good at doing,
  • like doing, and
  • what has your marketplace valued you the most for doing?

Now, this is a very basic question and critical to adopt the 8-Figure Mindset.

Perhaps you’ve been so far in the weeds or so distracted by immediate crisis that you really need to clear the air. Remember what we used to do with computers when they got all ‘gunked up’. We would press Control-Alt-Delete and up would come a fairly clean operating system focused on serving our needs.

Well, I’m going to ask you to step back and figure out, what’s your Best & Highest Use?

Think of Popeye the Sailor Man when he said, “That’s all I can takes, ‘cause I can’t takes no more!” He pulled out the spinach and good things happened. Why? Because he was able to focus on getting back Olive Oil and beating up Bluto.

Now, in your business you may not need to do those two things, but if you could be focusing on what you’re good at doing, like doing and what the marketplace values you the most for doing, you’re going to be in a far, far better place with much more clarity.

So, why not click on the link {Whats-Your-Business-Best-and-Highest-Use-Worksheet} and look at the exercise and tools and content I have developed for you that will allow you and your company to figure out your Best and Highest Use. By doing so, you will find yourself moving towards 8-Figure Profitable Growth.


How do I start to make my business better? Part 2

You as an owner took yourself through an 8-Figure Mindset exercise of figuring out what do you like doing, are good at doing and what does the marketplace and your employee’s value you the most for doing. I hope you had some real insight, because clearly, when you focus on your Best and Highest Use you’re most able to help your company be successful.

Well, guess what? You’re not in this alone, now it’s time to do this for your company.

Look at the next exercise. {Whats-Your-Best-and-Highest-Use-worksheet}

What I’d like to ask you to do is think of your company, your employees, your capabilities and your company as a whole. What does your company like to do the most, what does your company do the best and finally, what is your company valued the most for by its customers and market for doing?

By looking at these same characteristics for your company, you will not only be able to figure out how to best focus and align your company on its Best and Highest Use, but you’ll be in a position to align your Best and Highest Use with what your company needs you to be doing the most.


Have questions and thoughts on how to do this? Contact me at (412) 973-2080 or abirol@andybirol.com.

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