DIY for 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth

Hi, I’m Andy Birol and I’ve been working with business owners the last 17 years and before then, 20 years working for owners. I’ve been amazed, respectful and admired your success for your ability to take chances, have a vision, make investments, sell, find staff, create great products and services, and deliver these to satisfy your customers and create enough gross margins and profits to drive your business forward.

As an advisor to nearly 500 owners I’ve learned so much on how owners do this that I have written books, spoken internationally and written nationally published weekly columns on how owners like you can increase your success and accomplish your goals.

Now I’d like to introduce my ongoing 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth series for you featuring the most important questions and opportunities you think about with solutions to push you forward as well as an opportunity for you to receive free help right away with no strings attached.

Why? Because business owners that are running 21st century businesses have much more latitude, they have many more options and they can be much happier in their business. It’s an exciting time to be a business owner and I’m thrilled to be a part of helping you to grow your business profitably and confidently. So here we go!

Have questions or thoughts how to do this? Contact me at (412) 973-2080 or