touch5_imageI’m going to ask a real tough question because I’ve heard so many of you ask me….what will it take to take my business to the next level? What can I do to really move it forward and work towards creating 8-Figure Growth?

I’m going to suggest to you one of the great places you can start is by deciding whether you as the owner needs to focus on whether you need to:

  • Run your business,
  • Fix your business,
  • Focus on growing it, or
  • Preparing to sell it.

Four different parts of the business cycle that I’ve watched my clients go through. When they focus on the right part, they move far closer to creating 8-Figure Growth and frankly moved past that level into $20 or $30 million-dollar businesses.

So, what I would ask you to do is to click on the download that came with this video, and go through the exercises that will help you to figure out, is your Best and Highest Use® as the leader to focus on running your business, fixing your business, growing it, or preparing to sell it?

By looking at which phase of the cycle you’re in, you can then apply yourself, create some focus, provide discipline for yourself and your organization and take your business to the next level.

{Run, Fix, Grow or Prepare to Sell My Firm Where Do I Start}

Run, Fix, Grow or Sell – The Decision

TOUCH5IMAGEI want to thank you for filling out the first half of the exercise on whether you should focus on running or fixing or growing or preparing to sell your firm.

These four stages of your business cycle are all somewhat different and in the exercise you just completed, you picked which one was the top priority for you to focus on? In addition, to think about how you personally were going to focus on doing these things?

Would you be good at running it, would be good at fixing it, would you be good in preparing it to sell or of course to grow it.

Now, in the second exercise, you’re going to be asked the same questions about one specific cycle.

Namely the one that you chose. The stage you chose.

Can you do what’s needed to be done to either run it, fix it, grow it or prepare to sell it?

  • Can you do it?
  • Will you do it?
  • How will you do it?

This is a chance to be honest, candid and sober about whether you actually will be successful at doing so. But, don’t worry; if you decide you can’t, there are many other options to get help. But take a hard look at if you can do it, if you will do it and how you will do it and I guarantee you the consequences of this focus on your part will help you to achieve 8-Figure Profitable Sustainable Growth.

{Run, Fix, Grow, Sell – The Decision Matrix}

 I’m Andy Birol and I’m here to help you create a figure profitable growth

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