Why the topic of 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth now? The world has changed and the 21st Century demands a new sustainable profitable growth strategy.

The 4 Fields of 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth are critical to the success of any private business owner. It’s how business owners grow their results and thereby their wealth today.

Overview Of Andy’s Four Fields To 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth

  • Embrace Curiosity & Inquiry

As the world changes rapidly, innovative owners understand that success depends upon curiosity learning, unlearning, and relearning the actions necessary to innovate and move forward. Their receptive attitude toward change drives their team to embrace change through intentional reflective and wondering exercises. As these owners seek out diverse perspectives, they see that inquiry uncovers new opportunity.

  • Move to 21st Century Strategic Thinking.

Successful leaders use strategic thinking to create breakthrough business models. Rather of relying on operational efficiency to drive their strategic planning, they invest in the future instead of banking on the past.  They accept that unexpected competition; sophisticated customer demands and disruptive marketing are the new normal.

  • Lead Teams Forward

Leaders of 21st Century firms who create a culture of lifelong learning attract the best employees and build courageous executive teams. They hire staff for their diverse thinking and adaptability as much as for “fit” and skillsets. They develop their management team’s ability to think strategically. Owners accept that while the next generation is different, their perspective has much contribute.  Even so, everyone must be accountable before earning trust. Everyone must embrace the business’s legacy and future before earning the right to provide insight.

  • Leverage a Mindset Of Sustainable Profitable Growth

Owners of financially valuable and highly admired firms understand that creation of wealth comes from seizing and converting future opportunities into positive cash flow. This accomplishment comes from the synthesis of their business curiosity, original thinking, courageous leadership, and mastery of risk and return. These owners run their businesses as if the firm is owned by outside investors.  Yet, they never depend on such investors, keeping their firms to sell or run as they choose.


Are you curious and inquisitive on how you can embrace a 21st Sustainable Profitable Growth Philosophy? Learn more here.

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