Hi, Andy Birol and I’m here to talk to you as a business owner about how you can create 8-Figure Profitable Growth.

One of the questions you probably ask yourself is, when would be the right time to bring in an outsider to help me grow my business?

After all, the timing is never right, you’re always too busy, and frankly, you’re concerned will an outsider be more disruptive or will he really, really accelerate your business’s abilities to grow to the next level.

Let me ask you….what is the real challenge that you’re facing in taking your business forward?

For some business owners, it really is the challenge of taking advantage of the marketplace. You know exactly what to do, you have the resources, and you have to apply yourself as a leader.

I’d suggest to you, this is a situation of: do-it-yourself.

However maybe it’s a real situation where you need help. Let’s face it, business ownership is not a spectator sport. Maybe, you need help either focusing or providing personal discipline both to your people as well as through your actions.

If in fact this is the case, you might want to consider bringing in an outsider to do it with you. Because doing it together can get the most out of your ability to lead the organization, as well as of your people to execute what you would like to see get done.

On the other hand, perhaps you really find that it’s time as an owner to step above the fray and to really be able to manage someone else who’s going to run your organization for you.

That will be an example of looking at it from the perspective of having somebody do it for you.

Now, this kind of an outsider is more of a leader or a CEO or president you would bring in.

So, you ever wonder whether you should do it yourself, do it with an outsider or have an outsider do it for you.

{Do It Yourself or Bring in Outside Help}

If you’re interested and curious I encourage you to click on the download that comes with this message and take advantage of the tools, article and information I’m providing to help you think this through on your terms. So, you as a business owner can figure out how to use outsiders to create your 8-Figure Profitable Growth.

Solving Your Business Growth Challenge – Part 2

I’m back to help you with the second half of the exercise on deciding if you should bring in an outsider to help you with growing your business to 8-Figure Profitable Growth.

If you recall in the previous exercise, I asked you to think about whether or not the challenge that you were facing was best served by you doing it yourself, or by you bringing in an outsider and doing it together, or thirdly, if was it best that you brought in somebody who would do it for you?

Each of these options is different and we asked you to take a hard look, through the exercise, which one would be the best one given your shape or condition. Moreover, what do you really wanted to accomplish.

Now, in the second exercise I’m going ask you to take the option you chose….that is,

•do it yourself,

•do it with someone else or,

•have someone else do it for you.

And take the option that you chose, and then you ask yourself three very hard questions.

1) Can you do it?

If you chose do-it-yourself, ask the second question.

2) Will you do it?

And, the third question.

3) How will you do it?

Again, I’m asking you to ask three questions of yourself.

1) Can you do it?

2) Will you do it? and

3) How will you do it?

By answering these questions and deciding if and when to bring an outsider in you will be in the most opportune position to take your firm forward and create 8-Figure Profitable Growth.

{How Will You Best DIY DIWM or DIFM}

I’m Andy Birol and I’m here to help you achieve 8-Figure Profitable Growth.

Have questions and thoughts on how to do this? Contact me at (412) 973-2080 or abirol@andybirol.com.

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