Andy Birol Profitable Growth Business Speaker

Transformational Knowledge for 20th Century Businesses to Become 21st Century Successes. 

Are you looking for new presentations for business owners that provide hands-on, relevant, practical take-aways that lead to sustainable profitable growth? If you are, look no further.

As you plan your education offerings for your constituents, consider Andy Birol. Andy provides more than just informational learning opportunities. His presentations are transformational!

Regardless if the presentation is a keynote, breakout or workshop, Andy helps passive attendees become active participants and co-creators of their own 21st Century sustainable profitable growth. He is known for

  • Engaging business owners by treating them as active participants rather than spectators.
  • Using interactive methods to spur dialogue, critical conversations and active participation so authentic, deep learning occurs.
  • Combining provocative cutting-edge content and framing it in terms of universally appealing metaphors that stick.
  • Providing real world, relevant strategies that are customized to your audience.

Consider the following presentations for your next conference, meeting or business event

  • The Four Fields To 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth
    (available as 60- or 90-minute overview, three- or six-hour workshop)
  • The Mindset Of 21st Century Profitable Growth
  • The Chief Executive Functions: Leading Business Growth by Optimizing Your Brain
  • Applying Your Best And Highest Use® to Profitably Grow Your Business‏