I’m Andy Birol, and I’m here speaking to you as a business owner who would like to take his or her business up to and through 8-Figures of Profitable Growth.

You’ve probably asked yourself, should I bring in an outsider to help me grow my business?

It’s a tough question because it’s your business, and you’ve taken it all the way to where it is today without outside help.

Let me ask you this question. Have you ever said, “You don’t understand, my business is different.” Well, I’ve heard many business owners say this and frankly, I’ve said this about my own business.

But let me ask you this. As different as it may seem, isn’t it because of the people. Your people are what make your business different, as well as, how you’ve deployed them and the passion that you’ve given to direct them.

Let me ask you, isn’t it true that your people are your biggest asset as well as your biggest challenge in terms of your time and your passion?

You know it’s always said, “All business is the same, and all are different”.

Let me give you one example of how an outsider can take a look at a business. Most of us have hired people that we like, we then stick them into organizations where they are able to work together, they implement tactics they’re comfortable with and they never get around to executing a strategy.

In the enclosed exercise which you get to by clicking on the link, I’ll show you how you can move from POTS,that’s:
•Tactics, and

to a much more logical way. That is, set your strategy first; then set up your tactics; then create your organization; and then redeploy the people that you care about and are loyal and performing for you into the best possible boxes in the organization that will allow you to work better.



Now, the second part of the exercise is about how outsiders can really understand and help your business.

If you recall, we talked about how people were your biggest challenge and we gave you an exercise to look at, whereby, you would start to think about how you started your business.

Didn’t you focus first on people, then they came together in an organization, they implemented tactics that they could do and probably strategy was left without being completed.

Well your people will always be your biggest challenge and this is why you may have some reservations about outsiders really understand your organization.

Well, you know what? You are right!

So, let’s look at the exercise that you can download below. Go ahead, download it, and look at how you would do it going forward.

We said that People, Organization, Tactics and Strategy (POTS) are backwards. It’s what most entrepreneurs do when they start their companies.

Now let’s look at doing it the right way going forward.


First, focus on your strategy, and then create tactics that will cause your strategy to be done. Then create an organizational structure with the boxes that will help those tactics get accomplished. In other words, the organization is organized so it gets the work done. Finally, you will look at how you plug your people into it.

Now, I’ll say right up front, the hardest part of this is going to be, how you get your people to change. You’ll probably find out, in many cases, they don’t want to change and it’s a lot of work to try to align them with your strategy and your tactics within the organization, so that you get what you want done and you’re able to move your business to 8-Figure Profitable Sustainable Growth.

I’m Andy Birol and I hope this example can show you how outsiders can help you to take your business to 8-Figure Profitable Growth.

Have questions and thoughts on how to do this? Contact me at (412) 973-2080 or abirol@andybirol.com.

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